Loss, brittleness and dryness: we are struggling with the main winter problems that our hair faces - Beauty - WomanHit.ru

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WomanHit.ru beauty department - about what beauty products you should pay attention to in the cold season

Hair loss is a serious problem, especially during the cold season when our curls are put to the test.They are attacked by sub-zero temperatures outside, dry air in the rooms, as well as the constant wearing of hats (and without winter - in any way, you must agree!). Phenylethyl Resorcinol Distributors

Loss, brittleness and dryness: we are struggling with the main winter problems that our hair faces - Beauty - WomanHit.ru

The Russian brand LIFECODE decided to take a broad front against hair loss and presented three new products at once to combat this problem.

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The new line includes a 15 in 1 hair spray, an anti-hair loss serum and a shampoo.The unique composition of all products includes copyrrole in the maximum working concentration.This unique active ingredient (professionals know it as Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide) improves blood circulation and nourishment of hair follicles, thereby restoring and activating them, stimulating hair growth, increasing their thickness and quantity.

By the way, LIFECODE recently celebrated its first birthday.Actresses Ekaterina Kabak, Ekaterina Vulichenko, Zarina Mukhitdinova, Yulia Khamitova, Marusya Klimova and Olga Filippova came to the noisy and cheerful party.They were accompanied by star make-up artist Maria Lipatnikova, stylist Ekaterina Katkova, popular influencers Evgenia Belousova, Anna Belis, Angelina Kars and Victoria Goravskaya.Among the guests of the brand was the singer Alya Chiblis, and the popular stylist Vlad Lisovets and beauty blogger Elena Yulkina.The party shared their opinion about LIFECODE products.

Another “winter” problem is hair brittleness, which occurs due to insufficient moisture.In salons, in order to restore silkiness to the strands, you will be offered biolamination.And now the good news: the South Korean brand SHARY has released two salon-level products at once, thanks to which you can reanimate hair.

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Bio-laminating shampoo-serum with a unique GREAT 7 complex gently and effectively cleanses the hair, inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, moisturizes and restores the protective barrier, improves keratinization of the scalp.

Bio-laminating mask-serum restores damaged cuticles, increases the density, elasticity, shine of curls, intensively nourishes and softens - without weighting.

Both products of the new line contain the ideal proportions of active ingredients for maximum lasting results.

Fans of everything unusual can be advised a novelty from PAUL OSCAR.CHARME hair transformation glue-elixir, enriched with a complex of avocado, argan and coconut oils, provides the necessary moisture to the hair, helps to restore and prevent brittleness, electrification and splitting of hair.It is perfect for dry, thin, porous, combination, dyed, hard, curly hair.

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The cream elixir is easy to use.It must be applied to dried or slightly damp hair, after rubbing the composition with your fingers.Suitable for use both after and before styling.Rinse off is not required.

Any specialist will tell you that your hair will be grateful if there are no parabens, sulfates, formaldehydes and silicones in daily care, but there are natural ingredients.The Zeitun brand has released a new phyto-line with the cleanest and most environmentally friendly products, which are 97.8% natural ingredients.Moreover, this is confirmed at a high level: the collection has an international certificate of natural cosmetics COSMOS NATURAL.The phyto-line is also PETA CRUELTY FREE certified, confirming that the products are tested for quality and safety without testing on animals.Many of the brand's products carry the PETA VEGAN label, which means they are also suitable for vegans.

There are 2 directions in the line: GROWTH ACTIVATION (growth activation) and ANTI-HAIR LOSS (against hair loss).

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The GROWTH ACTIVATION line (it includes a phyto-shampoo, a warming phyto-mask with pepper extract and oil for hair density and health) contains usma and bay oils, which improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the tissues of the scalp, as well as nourishing the bulbs.A mix of oils and extracts strengthens hair, restores the structure of curls, reduces their fragility and oiliness at the roots.

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The ANTI-HAIR LOSS line with natural ingredients has a complex effect against hair loss, promotes the activation of hair strength, and prevents scalp flaking.Black cumin oil is a legendary healing elixir that improves the condition of the scalp, heals the hair from the inside out from the very roots.The complex of oils and extracts nourishes and saturates the hair with useful trace elements, strengthens hair follicles, softens and improves hair along the entire length without weighing it down.

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This line also includes phyto-shampoo, phyto-mask and oil.Whichever line you prefer, you need to use the products like this: if you wash your hair 2-3 times a week, then on one day you apply only oil + shampoo, on the other day - mask + shampoo, and on the third day wash only with shampoo.

For example: on Monday I wash my hair with oil, on Thursday we use a mask, on Saturday - only shampoo.

If you wash your hair every day, then the scheme is as follows: 2 times a week use a mask, 2 times - oil, then just shampoo.

For example: on Monday we use oil + shampoo, on Wednesday - mask + shampoo, on Friday - oil + shampoo, on Sunday - mask + shampoo.

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Moreover, the oil should be applied to dry scalp and kept for half an hour or an hour under a warm cap, then wash your hair with shampoo.The mask should be kept only for 20 minutes, but also under a warm hat.

If you have sensitive scalp or color-treated hair, then you need to be especially careful when choosing a shampoo.As we have already found out, there should not be sulfates, but your hair will be very happy with keratin.

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Sulfate-free hair growth shampoo PF prof with a keratin complex not only makes your hair clean, but at the same time restores its health and structure.Suitable for all types of hair, including dry, split ends, damaged, after dyeing.And also - what is important!- It can be used if you have sensitive scalp.Panthenol, keratin, wheat germ oil, avocado oil restore damaged hair structure, make hair smooth and shiny.Zinc oxide and aloe vera regulate sebum production, eliminate flaking and unpleasant itching, and soothe the skin.Extract of cornflower, nettle, sage, vitamins B3 and B6 strengthen hair follicles, activate the growth of new hair.Collagen, L-leucithin thicken hair and give extra volume and shine.

Loss, brittleness and dryness: we are struggling with the main winter problems that our hair faces - Beauty - WomanHit.ru

Sodium Hyaluronate Suppliers In anticipation of the cold weather, Likato Professional has released a leave-in mask-reconstructor for a comprehensive restoration - it transforms curls and makes them silky.Keratin, a complex of oils and AHA acids thicken and reconstruct the hair structure, soften and moisturize it.Betaine strengthens, fights brittleness and dryness.D-panthenol restores, protects against hair loss and enhances protective functions.The light texture is instantly absorbed without weighing down the hair, making combing and styling easier.

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A firming anti-fall serum concentrate prevents hair loss and restores them at the molecular level.Peptides stimulate regeneration and strengthen the roots, extending the life of the hair.Apricot kernel oil and betaine intensely nourish and smooth.Panthenol restores water balance, makes hair strong and elastic.

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